János Komiszár the painter

Ars poetica: "I have two kinds of worlds and they live inside me. On one hand the love of the real forms of nature, on the other hand the attraction of the abstract forms, which mixing with my experiences make a symbolic-abstract unity. According to these my painting is
both archaic and modern. The first one was acquired from my teachers, the second one came by itself, has developed. They get on well
with each other inside me."

He was born in Máriapócs in 1949. He got his degrees at the Budapest University of Technology,
at the Ybl Miklós College of Technology and at the Bessenyei György Teacher Training College.
His paintings have been exhibited in art exhibitions since 1981. He has had 85 independent exhibitions so far.
He respects Boldizsár István, Halápi János, Holló László and Tar Zoltán as his masters.

He is a member of the National Association of the Hungarian Artists, the National Association of Hungarian Art Teachers and the Association of the Friends of Arts.
He has been the leader of the Brassai Gallery since 1989.
He taught painting in the branch of arts at the Medgyessy Ferenc Secondary Grammar School.
He has illustrated 15 books.
He was a presenter of fine arts at the Szóla Radio and Friss Radio for 8 years.
He was the president of the jury of the Exhibition of Secondary School Students in Hajdú-Bihar County 14 times.

His books are:

1998 - "Szóla"Draught

1999 - "Szóla" Draught Again

2000 - Debrecen Draught

2003 - Civis Draught

2003 - The Petals kiss

2004 - The colourful palette

2005 - Hej Debrecen

2005 - Words vs. Colours

2005 - Guardian angel

2006 - Because he is my friend

2007 - Colours of mirage

2007 - City of promises

He led the fine arts column in a magazine in Debrecen, where he published 260 articles.

His awards:

1988: Bolyai Memorial Plaquette
1998: Award of the County Autumn Exhibition,
1998: Award for Máriapócs Pro Urbe
2001: Holló László Award
2001: Award for Prominent Teacher in Debrecen
2003, 2004 and 2006: Scholarship of the Foundation for the Culture of Debrecen
2004: Honorary Freeman of Máriapócs
2004: Boromisza Tibor Award
2004: Brassai Sámuel plaquette

He has completed some study tours and taken part in creative camps in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Norway, Greece, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, China and Turkey.